Hand Held CB

Hand-held "walkie talkie" type CB's, battery powered.

Handhelds are very good if you have a specific use for them, otherwise you might find them to be a waste of money.

Because of their small antenna the range is very limited. Expect about 2 miles out in the open and possibly only half a mile in a built-up area!

All these handhelds have the facility to connect an external antenna, and if you do then you will get a similar range to a fixed CB radio. Connect them to an external 12v supply as well, and you will get a full 4 Watts output.

If you buy one of these so that you can sit inside your house and talk to other CB'ers, then you will probably be disappointed and find you have wasted your money.  If you are going out on the hills and want a cheap means of communication, then you will find these to be excellent radios.

Some of the accessories and spares which you may need to go with your handheld are listed on the right - click on any for more details.

In addition to CB handhelds we also stock a range of license free PMR446 handhelds. These give a similar range to CB handhelds but because they are on UHF frequencies they are much smaller and more efficient.

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The Thunderpole T-X is the next generation of portable CB radio, with advanced features including NRC noise reduction technology, high capacity Li-ion battery, USB charging, frequency display and many more.

It is probably the most versatile CB radio ever and has accessories for hand-held, mobile (in a vehicle) or even base station use. Simply add a BNC-SO239 adaptor to attach any external antenna.

Other features include FM/AM operation, 4 display layouts, nightlight buttons, BNC antenna, 2-pin (Kenwood) accessory socket, dedicated band button, multi-band operation with access to all European frequencies, auto-squelch, Hi-Lo power, VOX, Roger beep and dual watch.

Included in the box with the Thunderpole T-X:

CB Radio; USB-C Charging Cable; USB Mains UK Charger; BNC Antenna; High Capacity 1800mA Li-ion Battery; Mounting Stud; Adhesive Holder; Belt Clip & Printed Owner’s manual

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Spares & Accessories for Thunderpole T-X Handheld

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We have the following spares & accessories available for the Thunderpole T-X handheld CB:

  • Case with strap
  • Original BNC Antenna
  • Original Battery
  • Original Belt Clip
  • In-Car Adapter  (cig plug + SO239 connection)
  • 12/24V USB Car Power Supply
  • Original USB Power/Charge Cable
  • Original USB Mains Charger

PNI HP82 Handheld

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The PNI Escort HP 82 is a multi-standard portable CB radio, which means it can operate on several frequency bands used in different countries in Europe.

It features a noise reduction circuit (NRC) that helps improve the quality of the received sound. Press the NRC key on the station and you will immediately notice the difference. Together with the adjustable ASQ and SQ functions (5 and 25 levels respectively) you will get exceptional reception quality

The station also has a FUNC button to quickly customize important functions such as key tone, VOX and Roger Beep levels, and a Monitor function, which allows you to listen to the current channel without transmitting.

In addition, the PNI Escort HP 82 has a power selection function that allows you to choose between low (1.5 W) and high (4 W) emission power and a key lock function that prevents accidental button presses.

The PNI Escort HP 82 can be used both as a mobile station by installing the 12V car cigarette lighter plug adapter and the connector for the external antenna, but also as a portable station by connecting the 240 mm BNC antenna and has an internal 1800mAh Li-Ion battery.

Warning! Do not use the DC adapter together with the BNC antenna.

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The latest fully featured handheld from President, offering just about every feature you could ask for in a compact design.

Supplied complete with high capacity Li-Ion battery pack, mains charger and in-car adapter.

It is expensive, but it is far better quality than any other CB handheld we have stocked and we are getting very good reports back about it.

The radio has a 2 pin socket on it for a speaker-mic - this is "standard" wiring (same as Midland etc).

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A compact multi-standard dual purpose radio kit - it can be used as a portable handheld or used in your car.

As a handheld the radio comes with a sealed rechargeable battery pack, mains charger and compact flexible antenna.

Slide the battery pack off and slide the car adapter on, and the radio then becomes a "one-hander" for use in your car.  Powered from the cig ligher socket and with a connection for an external antenna such as a mag mount (not included).

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This hand-held has a good solid feel to it and covers both the UK channels and all the various European bands.

It has all the features you are ever likely to want, including: scan, dual-watch, bleep, s-meter, ch.9/19, high/low power etc.

It is supplied complete with a 2600maH Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, mains charger and rubber duck antenna.

As extras we have: 

  • 12v battery eliminator
  • Replacement antennas
  • 12v cig lead (for charging)

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SOLD OUT - may be available to order, please ask

A multi-standard compact CB handheld covering the UK and all EU bands, it operates on FM in the UK and AM/FM on the EU band.

The radio has a robust feel to it and is supplied complete with a high capacity (2600mAh) Li-Ion battery pack and stand-in mains charger.

It is also the most compact CB handheld we have had, making it easy to carry with you anywhere.

Multi-colour backlit  LCD display with channel display & signal meter.

The 2-pin speaker-mic socket on this radio is "Standard" wiring.

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New Version with Digital Squelch

A compact handheld CB with a host of features.

New multi-band version - can be used in most EU countries. Simply select what country you are using it in, and the radio will operate on the legal channels for that country (even AM/FM in countries which permit).
Can be used on all 80 legal channels in the UK.

Comes complete with in-car adapter, rubber-duck antenna, 2 battery packs (1 for alkaline and 1 for rechargeable) and mains charger (but not batteries).

The 2-pin speaker/mic socket is "standard" wiring.

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This hand-held has a good solid feel to it and covers both the UK channels and all the various European bands.

It has all the features you are ever likely to want, including: scan, dual-watch, bleep, s-meter, ch.9/19, high/low power etc.

It is supplied complete with a 2200maH Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, mains charger and rubber duck antenna.

As extras we have: 

  • 12v battery eliminator
  • Replacement antennas
  • 12v cig lead (for charging)

Albrecht AE2990 AFS SSB Handheld

SOLD OUT - discontinued

Multistandard AM/FM/SSB Handheld

The first approved multistandard handheld CB with SSB.  This radio covers all EU approved bands including the UK 40 channels (FM only).


  • Multi mode channel:
    • Germany: 80 channel FM (4 W); 40 channel AM 1 W and SSB 4 W
    • EU: 40 channel AM 1 W; 40 channel FM/SSB 4 W
    • E: 40 channel AM/FM/SSB 4 W
    • PL: 40 channel AM/FM/SSB 4 W "0" Raster
    • UK: UK 1 to 40; EU 1 to 40
  • Selectable Hi/Low Power: Low power output mode will give the user significantly longer battery life.
  • CH 9/19
  • Lock: The Lock feature allows the user to "LOCK" all of the button
  • SQ setting: Adjusts the squelch setting (memorized with bar graph)
  • RF-Gain: Allows optimising the incoming signal
  • Battery Case: Slide on battery case, which contains 9 "AA" batteries (not included)
  • CB approved according to the European norm EN 300 433-2 and EN 300 135-2
  • Easy convertible to 10m HAM radio Frequencies

Note:  this radio is an approved multistandard CB and will operate on the various EU standards including UK CB bands.
It can also be modified to operate on 10m, 11m & 12m where permitted and you have a suitable license.

Desktop (stand-in) Charger for AE2990

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Desktop charger DG-630N for use with Albrecht AE2990, AE2980 and other similar radios.

Microprocessor controlled charging will normally charge batteries to 90% capacity within 3 hours and then it switches to a trickle charge which can be left on indefinitely.

AE2990 Cig Power Lead

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AE2990 Cig Lead
A 12V power lead with cig lighter plug fitted, suitable for the Albrecht AE2990, Magnum 1012 and Midland Alan 42 handhelds.

Albrecht AE2990 Replacement Battery Case

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A replacement empty battery case for the Albrecht AE2990 and Magnum 1012 handhelds.

With built-in charging circuit - just plug your charger into the socket on the case.

Midland Alan-42 Car Adapter

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A slide-on adapter to allow you to use your Midland 42 handheld in your car.

Simply slide this adapter onto the base of your radio instead of the normal battery pack, and it will give you a single curly lead with 2 outlets - one a cig lighter plug and the other a standard antenna socket.

Turns the Midland 42 into a fixed radio which is not much larger than a standard microphone.

One of these adapters is included with the Midland 42 when bought new.